To graduate:

Four folders, one folder for each grade level (9th thru 12th grade) must be completed. All subjects are covered and eight electives will also need to be completed. The entire cost for the program is $250.00*. Please note: only cash or money orders are accepted.

For out-of-area students:

The cost is $265.00*, which includes a Fifteen dollar fee ($15) for shipping and handling. If the program is going to be completed through the mail please see our Mail Registration section for more information.

Our only requirement is that all students must be over the age of 17. If the student is seventeen years of age please include the previous school's withdrawal papers and a note of parental consent. Please note there are no refunds on used packets.


We accept cash, money order or cashiers checks. Personal checks and credit cards are not accepted. Payment may be made in full or as partial payments. Partial payments may be made when registering and picking-up your work, with the balance of the payment paid when work is completed and turned in.

Please Note:

If you are getting your diploma from us to enroll in Military Service please contact your recruiter to confirm they accept our diploma at this time. If they do not, please contact us so that we may provide our information to them to review. This also applies to any colleges, universities, or future employers. In the case that someone does not accept our diploma, many times, it is simply because they need more background information from us (e.g. our State numbers and Accreditation information). So please contact us if this problem arrises so that we can address the issue.

*Prices are subject to change, current prices go into effect on April 1, 2020.

9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade
Math 1 Math 2 Algebra Geometry
Geography Social Studies U.S. History World History
Physical Science Biology Chemistry Space Science
English 1 English 2 English 3 English 4
Economics 2 Electives 2 Electives 2 Electives
2 Electives


Art ~ Computer Applications ~ Family Planning ~ Statistics ~ Art Appreciation ~ Consumer Education ~ Social Dance ~ Instrumental Music ~ Home Economics ~ Health ~ Current Events ~ Music Appreciation ~ Choir ~ Sociology ~ Team Sports ~ Spanish